Add Meaningful Memories Inside Jewelry.

Next-generation Jewelry. Meaningful.

What if a single necklace could instantly transport you back to your most cherished moments? The first time you rode a bike without training wheels, the day you said yes to the love of your life, or the moment you held your newborn baby for the very first time?

Beautifully designed, expertly engineered.

We have spent the past year collaborating with specialized engineers to rethink how to create jewelry that connects with technology while maintaining a high-commitment to design and durability. The result? Mementum Digital Soul. A tiny crystal that holds a unique micro-code inside that gives you access to your memories. 

How it works?

A unique way to add meaningful moments to jewelry starts here!

STEP 1 - Scan to unlock

Every necklace holds a unique digital soul. The digital soul is the key to transporting you back to precious moments. You simply open the app and then scan the necklace with the front- facing camera to access the secret memories inside! ✨

STEP 2 - Add Memories

This is where the magic happens. You’ll be getting a guaranteed ticket down memory lane! Select the memories that make you smile bigger than a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning. Add up to 50 memories, in the form of photos, letters, quotes, internal jokes, or stories. The possibilities are endless, make it meaningful. 

STEP 3 - Memories come alive!

A necklace full of meaning and loving moments ready to gift or wear yourself! The owner of the necklace has a free ticket down memory lane all inclusive. Access anytime, anywhere. The best part? You can continue adding memories whenever you’d like. Life’s a journey, so buckle up and enjoy your memories!


What are people saying?

My boyfriend surprised me with this necklace for our anniversary and I couldn't be happier! As a long distance couple, it's the little things that count and the thought he put into each picture made the necklace that much more sentimental. 

Ally Davis

Thank you guys for the beautiful necklace! 😊 I order the Omega necklace for my bf birthday and it came in 2 days ago, a week earlier than expected! Thank you so much, we loved it!! Of all the gifts, this topped it all!! 💕

Asma Ali

It’s like getting a big hug from a family member when you haven’t seen them in ages. It truly lights up my day when I’m feeling down.

Cheyenne Johnson

A fantastic way for us to gift jewelry more meaningfully! 

Brian Park.

I love my Mementum pendant! It means everything to me that my late father's talents and memory are preserved and close to my heart.

Angela McKenna