We believe that jewelry can do more than look good - it can be meaningful, it can have a soul. 

Welcome to the future of Jewelry. 

How it works
Step 1 - Download App

Download the Mementum App - available on Android and iOS 📱👇

Step 2 - Scan to Unlock

Using the mobile app, scan your necklace with your smartphone’s camera to unlock your Mementum. ✨

Step 3 - Add Memories

Tell a story of your life together with photos, letters, and inside jokes. Endless possibilities to make it infinitely meaningful! 🤗

Genesis Collection


My boyfriend surprised me with this necklace for our anniversary and I couldn't be happier! As a long distance couple, it's the little things that count and the thought he put into each picture made the necklace that much more sentimental. 

Ally Davis

Thank you guys for the beautiful necklace! 😊 I order the Omega necklace for my bf birthday and it came in 2 days ago, a week earlier than expected! Thank you so much, we loved it!! Of all the gifts, this topped it all!! 💕

Asma Ali

It’s like getting a big hug from a family member when you haven’t seen them in ages. It truly lights up my day when I’m feeling down.

Cheyenne Johnson

“I wanted to find something that she could have with her always as a reminder of how much I care about her. This necklace has been able to do just that! Thank you thank you thank you!”

Kiley Ritter

I love my Mementum pendant! It means everything to me that my late father's talents and memory are preserved and close to my heart.

Angela McKenna