A tribute to that special person on their most special day. Fill it with love, gratitude, internal jokes and awesome stories shared together. Your loved one will feel like a trendsetter with a unique gift.


Every relationship has a unique story. How we met, the first kiss, the wedding, inside jokes and endearing memories. Make your S.O feel special with loving moments. The best part keep adding memories every year! 


A beautiful reminder of gratitude, respect, and admiration to a loved one that might not be with us. A celebration of precious stories, lessons, and memories that you’ve shared together close to your heart. 

Personal achievements 

A great way to remind yourself what you feel grateful for on this stage of your life’s journey. Relive special memories, travels, accomplishments and all of those little moments that will make you smile.

Best friends 

From graduations to weddings to a baby being born. Being alive and celebrating the most memorable moments with our loved ones it’s a gift by itself. We just make it easy to remember.