The Ring
Size Guide

If you don't know a ring size, you've arrived to the right place
Use an existing ring

The easiest way to know our ring size or a loved one is by finding a ring that currently fits and wear. 

Step 1. Find an existing ring that you or your loved one currently wears. 

Step 2. Get a ruler in mm and measure the internal diameter of the ring (pst. make sure it's millemiters). 

Step 3. Once you know how many millemiters, use the chart below to check your ring size.


Step 1. Cut a string of paper and wrap it around the finger where you’d like your ring to be.

Step 2. Make sure that the paper is snug to the finger and mark the spot where the paper meets around your finger.

Step 3. Measure that distance with a ruler (mm) and use the chart below to check your ring size.

Other helpful tips

Before measuring any fingers, warm them up! Cold weather can shrink your fingers up to half a size.  

When in doubt between two sizes, go a size up!

Salt & Alcohol can make your fingers swell. Avoid measuring your fingers if you had some of those.