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How it Started

Sometimes a terrible gift is the start to a great story

She loves hedgehogs.

Obviously, she'd love my handmade Unicorn Hedgehog and her sidekick, Mr. Mouseus.

She appreciated the gift, but it wasn’t the “BEST GIFT EVER” reaction I hoped for.

Handmade gifts are the ultimate expression of love, right? How did I get this so wrong?

Maybe ‘terrible’ is a bit harsh, but I couldn’t deny the truth - this gift didn’t resonate with her.

I could do better. I had to do better.

So what makes a great gift?

I searched inward and found a clue in what I had always desired - an heirloom handed down, parent to child, while sharing a story connecting me to the people that mattered most.

Heirlooms are cherished because they represent an intimate story of human connection.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the patience or the multiple generations of storytelling.

But I am a software engineer geek with a jewelry-making hobby and something to prove.

The Original Gift

Countless hours and a few failed attempts later, I completed my rendition of an heirloom - a digital locket that unlocked a letter and our favorite photos through a mobile app.


Moment of truth. Would she love it?

I didn’t get that “BEST GIFT EVER” reaction I hoped for.

Instead, I shared in a moment of human connection, a spark to a great story. 

This power to connect is greater than my story. It deserves its own voice and to be shared with the world.

That's how Mementum started.


I hope Mementum brings you countless moments of joy, and sparks stories of connection with the people that matter in your life.


Howard Kim

Founder of Mementum