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How Mementum Jewelery Works

Choose your Jewelry

Each piece incudes a sparkling briliant glass gem.

The gem hides a unique code (invisible to the human eye) that unlocks digital memories.

Mementum Jewelry Range

Create your Memento

Download the Mementum App (available on iOS & Android).

Add your most precious photos and special notes that become part of the jewelry gift.

Mementum Mobile App Create Memories

Link your Memories & Gem

Choose to 'transfer' your memories on the app and scan the gem. Now they're forever linked.

Your memories can only be unlocked by the wearer.

Mementum Jewelry Box and App Omega Necklace

I ordered the alpha necklace so i could keep my loved ones close to me. it was delivered so quickly and i was able to wear it on my trip abroad! people thought the functionality of the piece was so cool!

S. Kim

Scan your Jewelry

Download the Mementum app to your own phone.

Simply scan your gem - it's the passkey to your memories.

Scan with Mobile App

See Every Memory Instantly

Unlock every photo and note specially selected for you.

Keep a reminder with you always of how much you're loved.

Unlock and enjoy your memories

Keep the Memories Alive

Your gem is the forever key to your memories.

Add new photos and notes at any time by scanning your jewlery and using the Mementum app.

Travel Memories and app

No Other Jewelry Gift IsThis Personalized +This Easy +This Stunning