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Omega Necklace - Men

41 reviews
Material: Gold Vermeil

Designed for all the creative souls out there. The Omega Necklace is effortlessly stylish; it knows no boundaries; it can be worn by Women, Men, by Us. A modern piece that represents infinite love connected by precious moments we share together. A state-of-the-art piece that’ll have everyone asking where it’s from. (Women's version available)

  • Includes 24"-26" adjustable chain 
  • Pendant Size 16mm x 16mm x 2.5mm
Jewelry designed by Mementum in California. Handmade in Thailand with <3.
          Sterling Silver
          All of our jewelry is made from high-quality 925 Sterling Silver.
          18K Gold Vermeil
          A thick layer of 18k solid gold on our 925 Sterling Silver.
          5x thicker than gold-plated jewelry!
          DIGITAL SOUL

          We set all Mementum jewelry with a one-of-a-kind Digital Soul - a secret key that unlocks your memories in the free Mementum app.

          Made from specialized Lanthanum glass, each custom Digital Soul undergoes a month long manufacturing process. In the final step, we inscribe a unique key into each Digital Soul with micron-level precision.

          Why go through all this trouble?

          We know what it’s like when someone makes you feel truly special - it’s our mission to help you make them feel the same way. So, we designed a keepsake meant to last generations, a stylish reminder that they are loved, no matter where life takes them. So we said no to electronics, NFC tags, and RFID chips in our jewelry.

          • Make sure you are in a room with ample lighting for the jewelry to scan properly
          • If it’s your first time, we recommend putting your phone on a flat surface
          • Locate the front of your Digital Soul (the front is curved, the back is flat)
          • Open the Mementum app and tap ‘Scan’
          • Touch and align the front of your Digital Soul to the front-facing camera of your phone (psst... if you don’t see the code, try flipping the jewelry!)

          • Once you load the memories onto the Digital Soul, the recipient can create their own app account, then scan it to find the memories. There’s no need to share an account.
          CARE GUIDE
          • Remove jewelry before showering, bathing, or swimming
          • Clean your jewelry occasionally with a soft cloth
          • Always put your jewelry on after you apply perfume, lotion or other body sprays
          • Store your jewelry in a cool, dark place

          Yes, the Digital Soul of your jewelry is waterproof and will continue to function after showering. However, we strongly recommend not exposing your jewelry to any type of water because water can cause it to oxidize more quickly. To keep it beautiful and sparkling, remove it before showering.

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