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Neo Ring


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Neo means “new” in Ancient Greek, “gift” in African and, “the one” from well... The Matrix. Just one word, three letters, small in size but deep in meaning = “New Gift For The One.” A contemporary ring with a beautiful, timeless design that will carry your memories to the future. (Matching ring for Men available)

Jewelry designed by Mementum in California. Handmade in Thailand with <3.
Mithril Silver

Our 930 Silver is an alloy made of 93.0% pure silver and a proprietary mixture of copper, and germanium.Adding Germanium and reducing copper gives Mithril Silver a whiter and brighter color, imbuing your piece with higher tarnish resistance and increased hardness.

If you played video games as fanatically as Mementum’s founder, then you’ll understand that Mithril was an obvious name for this alloy.

Gold Vermeil
Not to be confused with regular gold plating, our gold vermeil is 18k gold (or 18K rose gold) layered over our Mithril Silver

All our chains are made from 925 Sterling Silver, an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. We plate our silver chains in Rhodium for added durability and tarnish resistance. Rhodium is rare and more expensive than Gold!

The chains for our Gold Vermeil products use 18K Gold for plating instead of Rhodium.
  • Make sure you are in a room with ample lighting for the jewelry to scan properly
  • If it’s your first time, we recommend putting your phone on a flat surface
  • Locate the front of your Digital Soul (the front is curved, the back is flat)
  • Open the Mementum app and tap ‘Scan’
  • Touch and align the front of your Digital Soul to the front-facing camera of your phone (psst... if you don’t see the code, try flipping the jewelry!)

  • Once you load the memories onto the Digital Soul, the recipient can create their own app account, then scan it to find the memories. There’s no need to share an account.
We imbue all Mementum jewelry with a unique Digital Soul - the bridge that bonds your digital story with physical reality.

This custom micro component requires extremely tight sub-millimeter tolerances because scanning will not work when a Digital Soul is off by even a fraction of a millimeter. Each Digital Soul must undergo a painstaking 30-day forging cycle, using high-precision manufacturing processes usually reserved for scientific equipment, aerospace, and medical devices.

Digital Souls are created using a specialized high-dispersion Lanthanum glass. High-dispersion is the same property that gives diamonds their “sparkle”.

We permanently inscribe each Digital Soul with a unique code utilizing a chemical process with micron-level precision, marking the end of the forging cycle and the birth of a new Digital Soul.

Each Digital Soul serves as a one-of-a-kind key that unlocks its photo memories.

Why do we go through all this trouble?
We know what it’s like when someone makes you feel truly special.
What in this world can live up to this someone special?
How can we make them feel the same way?

We wanted to make something as exceptional and unique as that special someone. We want your story to carry on into eternity, so we aim to craft jewelry that will last generations. That means we don’t include electronic chips, NFC tags, or batteries in our jewelry.

Just a Digital Soul.
  • Remove jewelry before showering, bathing, or swimming
  • Clean your jewelry occasionally with a soft cloth
  • Always put your jewelry on after you apply perfume, lotion or other body sprays
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dark place

Yes, the Digital Soul of your jewelry is waterproof and will continue to function after showering. However, we strongly recommend not exposing your jewelry to any type of water because water can cause it to oxidize more quickly. To keep it beautiful and sparkling, remove it before showering.
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United States United States
Awesome idea

Love the necklace. Great idea. Wish the chain was longer so I didn’t have to take my necklace off everytime to scan

Adrienne W.
United States United States
love it

my mom loving it so far

Meredith H.
United States United States
loved my purchase!!

I ordered the wrong size and Kathia helped me exchange it for another size. Fast shipping and excellent customer service. The ring also scanned well and was the cutest thing ever!

Mara H.
United States United States

Only down side was the length of the chain everything else about the product was great

Jordan H.
United States United States

My overall experience was great. Came in great shape